How To Apply

For every one student staff member there are typically nine more waiting in the wings vying for one of our coveted Team Mizzou positions.

Each year we seek to hire the best of the best, so when you are competing with over 100 other applicants for a position you need to be sure you have met all application expectations and requirements – present yourself as professional and polished as possible – and by all means, know why you want this job! We want individuals who are looking for a deeper experience than just a way to make money. So here’s how it works…

Attend one Team Mizzou Recruitment session

Fall 2018:  Dates coming soon.

  • Sessions will be held at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. each of the above nights in Legends.
  • It is advisable for applicants to arrive 15-20 minutes before the session to secure a seat. Seating is first come first serve and sessions often fill up, so plan accordingly.
  • The recruitment session will last 30 minutes or less.
  • If you have attended a recruitment session in the past 12 months, you need not re-attend. An email with re-application details will be sent on Friday of recruitment week.

Submit application packet

  • A call for applications will be made to all who have attended recruitment on January 24th and April 4th.
  • Packets will include typed application form (which you receive at recruitment), cover letter, and resume.
  • Packets are due at NOON, on the Friday following the call for applications, so watch your emails on those dates. Late applications are not considered.
  • Resources for cover letters and resumes can be found at the MU Career Center. USE THEM! Preparedness comes through in your materials, be sure they reflect well upon you.

Application Screening

  • Application packets will be screened for interview consideration the day following application deadlines.
  • Packets that are incomplete (missed signatures, handwritten, etc.) are not considered.
  • Packets are screened based on applicant’s job reference, best fit, and on quality of the materials.
  • Applicants who receive an interview will be notified by phone. Be sure to answer and/or return calls in a timely manner.
  • Not all applicants will receive a first round interview.

First round selection

  • Interviews are typically held within a week of submitting application materials.
  • Interviews are conducted by lead Team Mizzou students known as the Selection Team.
  • Team Mizzou Candidates should dress for success and come to the interview in business attire.

Second Round Selection

  • These second interviews are coordinated and conducted by the full-time managers and take place within 5 days of first round selection.
  • Not all first round candidates will receive a second round interview.
  • In some areas, a practical skills test and/or audition may be required as part of second round consideration.


  • Area managers will contact individuals selected for hiring within 48 hours of the second round interview to schedule payroll and orientation sessions.

New Employee Registration

  • The NER is an extremely important step in the Team Mizzou hiring process.
  • This is where you complete a W-4 for taxes (…might need to check with mom and dad on that one before you attend!).
  • To complete the W-4 you will need photo ID and your original social security card.
  • Also, you will need a voided check or deposit slip in order to be processed for payroll.
  • NERs are scheduled for two-weeks after Recruitment–So gather these documents early! You cannot get the job without them!

Tiger Tales

  • Tiger Tales is Team Mizzou and MizzouRec’s department orientation typically held on the Wednesday and/or Thursday two weeks after the initial application submission.
  • New Team Mizzou members will only need to attend one of these sessions, but they are mandatory.
  • Once Tiger Tales has been attended, new employees complete area specific training and begin their tenure with Team Mizzou.